Fenton Crackshell

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story cover-illustration gag Non-Disney and/or non-comics

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Code Title Number of pages Creators Publications Characters, comments
KZ 0890
The Littlest Gizmoduck
8 p.
2 rows per page
Writing: Chris Weber, Karen Willson Art: Roberto Santillo 1990-12-10
Appearances: Fenton Crackshell, Gizmoduck, Huey Dewey and Louie, The Beagle Boys, Uncle Scrooge, Webby
Description: In the first comic story to feature Fenton Crackshell (a.k.a. Gizmoduck), the kids build their own Gizmosuit, which Webby then uses when the Beagle Boys try to rob Scrooge's art exhibition.
Subseries: Ducktales

KJZ 025
A Switch in Time
11 p.
3 rows per page
Writing: Doug Murray Pencils: Cosme Quartieri, Wanda Gattino Ink: Robert Bat 1992-11
Appearances: Fenton Crackshell, Gizmoduck, Launchpad McQuack, The Beagle Boys (4), Uncle Scrooge
Description: LMQ and Fenton change jobs
Subseries: Ducktales

KZ 6490
The Power of the Pyramids!
8 p.
4 rows per page
Writing: Cherie Wilkerson Art: Alberto Lavoradori 1993-09
Appearances: Fenton Crackshell, Huey Dewey and Louie, Magica De Spell, Ratface, Uncle Scrooge
Description: Magica creates an evil miniature pyramid that causes Scrooge to have sleep-depriving nightmares.
Subseries: Ducktales

KJZ 148
Darkwing Duck
The legend of the chaos god - part 5: Reign and Thunder
13 p.
3 rows per page
Writing: Bobbi J.G. Weiss, David Cody Weiss Pencils: Cosme Quartieri Ink: Carlos Valenti, Robert Bat 1994-12
Appearances: Darkwing Duck, Fenton Crackshell, Gizmoduck, J. Gander Hooter, Launchpad McQuack
Description: The epic conclusion to the Chaos God story! Solego finally frees himself from his crystal prison and unleashes his fury on St. Canard, and Darkwing is the only one left to stop him.
Subseries: The Legend of the Chaos God (Part 5)

Launchpad McQuack, Morgana McCawber
1 p.
Art: Amy Mebberson 2011-05-13
Appearances: Bushroot (photo), Darkwing Duck (photo), Fenton Crackshell (photo), Launchpad McQuack, Morgana McCawber, Quackerjack (photo), Quiverwing Quack (photo), Steelbeak (photo)
Description: parody of the cover of "Uncanny X-men" #141 (Marvel Comics) by John Byrne, originally starring Wolverine and Shadowcat

Dangerous Currency
87 p.
irregular layout
Plot: Ian Brill, James Silvani, Warren Spector Script: Ian Brill, Warren Spector Pencils: James Silvani, José Massaroli Ink: James Silvani 2011-10-12
Appearances: (incomplete) Ammonia Pine, Camille Chameleon, Cinnamon Teal, Gene the genie, April May and June (cameo), Bubba Duck (cameo), Bushroot, Daisy Duck (cameo), Daphne Duck (cameo), Darkwing Duck, Dimwitty (cameo), Donald Duck, Doofus (cameo), Drake Mallard, Duckworth (cameo), Eider Duck (cameo), Fanny Coot (cameo), Fenton Crackshell, Fethry Duck (cameo), Flintheart Glomgold (cameo), Gandra Dee (cameo), Gizmoduck, Gladstone Gander (cameo), Gosalyn Waddlemeyer, Grandma Duck (cameo), Gus Goose (cameo), Gyro Gearloose, Gyro's Helper, Honker, Huey Dewey and Louie, Launchpad McQuack, Ludwig Von Drake (cameo), Luke Goose (cameo), Magica De Spell, Mama Crackshell, Megavolt, Miss Quackfaster (cameo), Moby Duck (cameo), Morgana McCawber, Mr. Banana Brain (cameo), Mr. Poe, Mrs. Beakley (cameo), Negaduck, Quackerjack, The Beagle Boys, The Liquidator, The Phantom Blot, Uncle Scrooge, Webby
Description: Two groups of villains plan to attack Duckburg and St Canard with a lot of slime, and it's up to Scrooge, Darkwing, and their friends to stop them in this crossover story between the DuckTales and Darkwing Duck universes.
Subseries: Ducktales

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