Bob Foster

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Bob Foster (1943)
Nationality USA
Education/training Chouinard Art School, Los Angeles.
Animated films Filmation Associates: Assistant animator 1969 (no specifics known). - Disney Studios: Storyboard artist 1970-1971 (Bedknobs and Broomsticks). - Hanna-Barbera: Layout artist 1973-1978 (Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch, C.B. Bears, Scooby-Doo, Roman Holidays, Godzilla). - DePatie-Freleng: Layout artist 1978-1980 (Fantastic Four, Plastic Man). - Marvel: Layout artist 1981-1983 (Spider-Man). - Warner Bros. Television Animation: Storyboard artist 1995-1997 (Freakazoid, Road Rovers). - Walt Disney Television Animation: Storyboard artist 1998-1999 (Buzz Lightyear, Hercules). - Dreamworks: Storyboard artist 2003-2004 (Father of the Pride).
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations Marvel and other publishers: Script and artwork for his own comic Myron Moose 1969-1976 (created in collaboration with Vincent Davis). - Disney Studios: Script for the newspaper version of Donald Duck 1980-1989. Scripts for foreign-market comic book stories. - Disney Comics: Editor of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 1990-1992. - Gutenberghus/Egmont: Script editor of Disney stories 1992-1996.
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Source: Klaus Strzyz & Andreas C. Knigge: Disney von Innen

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