Bob Gregory

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Bob Gregory (1921, Los Angeles, California - )
Birth name /
full name
Robert Paul Gregory
Nationality USA
Education/training Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations Western Publishing 1957-1984. Only writer 1957-1960. From 1960 more and more artwork for his own scripts. Non-Disney characters: Walter Lantz 1957-1970s (Woody Woodpecker), Hanna-Barbera 1960s (Huckleberry Hound), Warner Bros. 1970s (Porky Pig), MGM 1970s (Tom & Jerry) and DePatie-Freleng (Pink Panther, The Inspector 1970s). Disney characters 1959-1984: Donald Duck, Junior Woodchucks, Moby Duck, Beagleboys, Daisy Duck a.o. - Disney Studios 1970s-1980s: Scripts for foreign-market stories.
Other information, comments Military service during World War II. - Technical illustrator for North American Aviation until 1957. - Published his memoirs from World War II in 1996 (Letters from the South Pacific, Fithian Press). - Father of cartoonist Roberta Gregory.
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Source: Carl Barks & Co. # 9

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