Bob Karp

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Bob Karp (1911 - 1975)
Birth name /
full name
Robert Louis Karp
Nationality USA
Education/training College of St. Thomas
Animated films Disney Studios late 1930s: Worked in the character model department before he began to write the Donald Duck strip. - Filmation Associates: Storyman 1960s (Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern, Superboy, Mighty Hercules o.a.).
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations Disney Studios: Script for the newspaper version of Donald Duck 1938-1974 and for the daily panel Merry Menagerie 1947-1962. - Editorial Art Syndicate/Sangor Shop: Comic book scripts for American Comics Group and Standard Comics 1945-1947 (Giggle, Ha Ha, Hurry Hare a.o.). - Script for the newspaper strip The Middles 1946-1950 (art by Lynn Karp).
Other information, comments Brother of Hubie Karp and Lynn Karp.
Picture taken 1963
Source: Mickey Mouse in Color

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