Chase Craig

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Chase Craig (, Ennis, Texas - , Westlake Village, California)
Nationality USA
Education/training Chicago Academy of Fine Arts 1933-1934.
Animated films Walter Lantz: Inbetweener 1935-1936 (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit). - Warner Bros.: Animator and storyman 1936-1938.
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations Made the cartoon Little Chauncey for the Cristian Science Monitor in Boston 1934-1935. - Script for the syndicated strips Charlie McCarthy and Hollywood Hams 1938-1940 (artwork by Carl Buettner) and artwork for the Superman parody Odd Bodkins 1940-1942 (script by Fred Fox). - Western Publishing: Freelance writer and artist on Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny and Mary Jane and Sniffles 1940-1942. Scripts for Li'l Bad Wolf, Bongo, Brer Rabbit a.o. 1945-1950. Editor 1950-1975. - Hanna-Barbera: Comic-book editor 1977-1979.
Other information, comments Military service 1942-1945.
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Picture taken 1982
Source: Mickey Mouse in Color

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