Cèsar Ferioli Pelaez

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Cèsar Ferioli Pelaez (, Barcelona)
Nationality Spain
Education/training Biologist.
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations Vaillant: Artwork for Pif et Hercule 1978-? (published in Pif Gadget). - Ehapa: Asterix illustrations for posters, calendars, games etc. - Mondadori 1981-1985, VNU/Sanoma 1983-1987, Édi-Monde/Hachette 1983-1987, Gutenberghus/Egmont 1988 to date: Artwork for Disney stories (mainly mouse stories, only a few Donald Duck stories). In later years also a few scripts. - Affiliated to Studio Recreo 1978-1983, Comicup Studio and Comicon 1983-1989, and Studio Bonnet 1989-98. Has worked directly for Gutenberghus/Egmont 1998 to date.
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Source: Egmont

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