Cliff Voorhees

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Cliff Voorhees (1930s - )
Nationality USA
Education/training Chouinard Art Institute, Los Angeles, mid 1950s
Animated films Disney Studios: Inbetweener 1953-1954 (Lady and the Tramp). - Filmation Associates: Layout artist 1969-1984 (Heckle & Jeckle, The Brady Kids, Star Trek, The Young Sentinels, He-Man). - Hanna-Barbera: Layout artist 1981-1985 (The Kwicky Koala Show, The Smurfs). - Marvel Productions: Layout artist mid 1980s (Muppet Babies). - Film Roman: Layout artist 1988-1994 (Bobby's World, Garfield & Friends). - Nicelodeon: Layout artist 1997-2001 (The Angry Beavers). - Cartoon Network: Layout artist 2001-2005 (The Grim Adventures of Bill and Mandy).
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations Commercial artist and art director of Westways Magazine late 1950s-1969. - Western Publishing: Artwork, inks and lettering for Disney stories c. 1970-1984 (Chip 'n' Dale, Beagle Boys, Li'l Bad Wolf a.o.). - Disney Studios: Artwork for foreign-market comic-book stories 1972-1976 (Mickey Mouse).
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Picture taken 2005
Source: The Animation Guild

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