Einar Lagerwall

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Einar Lagerwall (, Ovanåker - , Malmö)
Birth name /
full name
Erik Viktor Einar Lagerwall
Nationality Sweden
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations Lilla Fridolf: Artwork for Baron Münchhausen and Bäcka-Markus 1960s. - Art director for Hemmets Journal AB (the Swedish affiliate of Gutenberghus/Egmont) 1962-1992. Artwork for a few Disney covers mid 1960s and for some stories late 1960s-early 1970s (Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Li'l Bad Wolf a.o.). Mainly artwork for inserts in Kalle Anka & Co. (posters, stickers etc.) and advertising materials.
Other information, comments Father of Torbjörn Lagerwall.
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