François Corteggiani

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François Corteggiani (, Nice)
Nationality France
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations Commercial artist early 1970s. - S.E.P.P.: Artwork for newspaper strips 1974-1976 (no titles known). - Vaillant: Artwork (and later also scripts) for Pif late 1970s. Script for Marine 1979-1992 and Smith & Wesson 1980s (artwork by Pierre Tranchand). - Glénat: Script for Chafouin et Baluchon 1979-1980s, Bastos et Zakousky 1980s (artwork by Pierre Tranchand). - Script for Peter O'Pencil 1978-1979, Capitan Rogers 1981-? and Timothée Titan 1986-? (artwork by Giorgio Cavazzano). - Édi-Monde/Hachette: Scripts for numerous Disney stories 1985 to date (mainly short gags) and for the non-Disney comics l'Ecole Abracadabra (artwork by Pierre Tranchand) and l'Archer Blanc (artwork by Jean-Yves Mitton) 1987. - Disney Italia: Scripts for Disney stories 1990s to date. - Dargaud: Script for La Jeunesse de Blueberry 1990 to date (artwork by Colin Wilson and Michel Bland-Dumont). - Soleil: Script for Kostar le Magnifique 1991 (artwork by Alain Sirvent), Yakusa 1996 (artwork by Emanuele Barison) and Ombres de la lagune 1999 (artwork by Giulio de Vita). - Glénat: Script for Le Roi du monde (artwork by Dominique Cébé) and Ultimate Agency (artwork by Verdier) 2004. - Vaillant: Editor of Pif Gadget 2004.
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