Federico Pedrocchi

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Federico Pedrocchi (, Buenos Aires, Argentina - )
Nationality Italy
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations Cartoons and illustrations for Corriere dei Piccoli, Jumbo and Domenica del Corriere 1930-1935. - Mondadori: Scripts for numerous adventure comics 1935-1942 e.g. Il Due Tamburini (artwork by Kurt Caesar), Saturno contro la Terra (art by Giovanni Scolari), Virus il Mago delle Foresta Morta, Kit Karson, Capitan l'Audace (all with artwork by Walter Molino), Pino il Mozzo and La Perle del Mare D'Oman (both with artwork by Aurelio Galleppini), and Gino e Gianni (artwork by Rino Albertarelli). Editor of Mondadori's children's publications 1937-1942. Script (and sometimes also artwork) for a number of long Donald Duck stories. - Il Carroccio: Editor 1943-1945. Reworked some of his comics as novels. Continued to write comics for Mondadori.
Other information, comments Born in Argentina by Italian parents, who returned to Italy in 1912. - Military service 1942-1943.
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Source: NAFS(k)uriren # 3

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