Gil Turner

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Gil Turner (, Los Angeles, California - 1967, Phoenix, Arizona)
Birth name /
full name
Gilbert Turner
Nationality USA
Animated films Jam Handy: Animator 1936-1938 (commercial films). - Warner Bros.: Animator 1938-1944 (Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny a.o.). - Carry-Weston (independant studio with Jack Bradbury a.o.): Educational films for the government etc. 1944-1946. - MGM: Animator 1948-1953 (Barney Bear and Tom & Jerry). - Walter Lantz: Animator 1953-1956 (Woody Woodpecker, Chilly Willy, Maw and Paw). - UPA: Animator 1956-1957 and director 1958-1961 (Mr. Magoo). - Hanna-Barbera: Animator 1961 (Snagglepuss). - Format Films: Director 1961-1962 (The Alvin Show). - Hanna-Barbera: Storyboard artist 1967 (The Flintstones).
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations Editorial Art Syndicate/Sangor Shop: Script and artwork for Standard Comics, American Comics Group and Dearfield Comics 1944-1948 (Homer Hound, Bugsy Bear Family, Ringo, Happy a.o.). - Script and artwork for his own newspaper strip Chico 1948-1949. - Western Publishing: Artwork (and some scripts) for characters from Disney (Li'l Bad Wolf, Mickey Mouse, Bucky Buck, Dumbo), MGM (Barney Bear) and Warner Bros. (Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig) 1947-1957.
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Picture taken 1940
Source: Jerry Beck & Will Friedwald: Warner Bros. Animation Art

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