Ib Steinaa

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Ib Steinaa (1926 (?) - 1987)
Also known as Steinå
Nationality Denmark
Animated films Clean-up artist on two Ferd'nand shorts 1944. - Dansk Farve- og Tegnefilm: Assistant on the feature Fyrtøjet/The Tinderbox 1944-1945. - Short commercial and educational films for various studios and the Danish army 1944-1957. - Nordisk Tegnefilm (a subsidiary of Nordisk Filmkompagni): Art director 1957-1966 (commercials). - Leader of his own studio Ib Steinaa Film 1967-1975. - GK Film: Animator on the Swedish feature Dunderklumpen 1974.
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations Artwork for the children's comic Lise & Lasse 1946-1950 (created by Henning Dahl-Mikkelsen in 1940). - Occasional ghost artist for Henning Dahl-Mikkelsen on his strip Ferd'nand 1947-1950. - Gutenberghus/Egmont: Artwork for a few Donald Duck stories c. 1980.
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