Jack Bradbury

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Jack Bradbury (, Seattle - )
Birth name /
full name
John Morin Bradbury
Nationality USA
Education/training No art training.
Animated films Disney Studios 1934-1941: Clean-up artist on Snow White, inbetweener on Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphonies, animator on Pinocchio, Fantasia (Pastoral Symphony segment) and Bambi. - Warner Bros.: Layout artist 1942-1944 (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck). - Carry-Westen (independant studio with Gil Turner a.o.): Educational films for the government etc. 1944-1945.
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations Editorial Art Syndicate/Sangor Shop c.1942-1950: Artwork for the publishers American Comics Group, D.C./National and Pines (funny-animal comics for the books Haha, Giggle and Happy). - Western Publishing 1950-mid 1970s. Non-Disney Characters: Warner Bros. (Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny), Walter Lantz (Woody Woodpecker, Andy Panda, Oswald the Rabbit, Chilly Willy) a.o. Most Disney characters, especially Chip 'n' Dale, Goofy, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. - Disney Studios 1963-1980s: Artwork for foreign-market comic-book stories. Due to failing eyesight he stopped drawing comics in 1978 and concentrated on scripting and designing merchandising products.
Other information, comments Left the Disney Studios after the big strike in 1941 and worked at various odd jobs until he was hired by Warner Bros.
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Source: Klaus Strzyz & Andreas C. Knigge: Disney von Innen

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