John Lustig

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John Lustig (, Seattle)
Birth name /
full name
John Arthur Lustig
Nationality USA
Education/training Majors in English and jornalism, University of Washington, 1977
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations Western Publishing: Comic book scripts with Warner Bros. characters 1973-1977 (e.g. Daffy Duck). - Gladstone Publishing: Scripts for Disney stories 1987-1990. - Disney Comics: Scripts for Donald Duck, DuckTales and Uncle Scrooge 1990-1991. - Gutenberghus/Egmont: Scripts for Disney stories 1992-2000. - Script for own comic Last Kiss based on artwork from old romance comics 1996 to date.
Other information, comments Worked as a full-time journalist for various newspapers 1977-1987. - Married to Shelagh Lustig since 1984.
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