Michael T. Gilbert

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Michael T. Gilbert (, New York)
Birth name /
full name
Michael Terry Gilbert
Nationality USA
Education/training Bachelor in science, State University of New York. 1973
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations Star*Reach: Script and artwork for Imagine, The Wraith and Inspector Mulchberry 1976-1979. - Kitchen Sink: Script and artwork for The Spirit, Bizarre Sex and Dope Comix 1980-1981. - Fantaco: Script and artwork for Daredevil Chronicles 1982. - Aardvark-Vanaheim: Script and artwork for Strange Brew, Tiny Terror Tales and Wraith 1982-1983. - Pacific Comics: Script and artwork for Mr. Monster 1984. - Eclipse Comics: Script and artwork for Mr. Monster 1985-1987. Also editor. - Fantagraphics: Script and artwork for Critters and Prime Cuts 1987-1988. - Dark Horse: Script and artwork for Mr. Monster, Mr. V, Wacky Squirrel a.o. 1987-1991. Editor 1988-1991. - Disney Comics: Scripts for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck stories 1990-1993. - Gutenberghus/Egmont: Scripts for Disney stories 1993-2009.
Other information, comments Married to Janet Gilbert.
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Source: Private photo by Thomas Schrøder

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