Owen Fitzgerald

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Owen Fitzgerald ( - 1994)
Nationality USA
Education/training Chanarde Art Institute
Animated films Disney Studios: Assistant animator 1937-1939 (no titles known). - Fleischer Studios: Animator 1939-1941 (Gulliver's Travels, Popeye). - MGM: Animator c. 1945 (no titles known). - Warner Bros.: Animator 1958-1960 (Looney Tunes). - De-Patie-Freleng: Animator 1972-1974 (Pink Panther, The Barkleys, THe Blue Racer). - Hanna-Barbera: Animator c. 1974-1985 (The Flintstones, Superfriends, Kwicky Koala, The Smurfs, Scooby & Scrappy-Doo a.o.).
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations American Comics Group: Comic book artwork 1944-1953 (no titles known). - Standard Comics: Comic book artwork for Bruno Bear, Francois Feline, Fritz a.o. 1949-1949. - D.C./National: Comic book artwork for Bob Hope, Ozzie & Harriet, The Fox & the Crow, Jerry Lewis a.o. 1950s. - Assistant on the newspaper version of Dennis the Menace (Sunday edition) 1960s. - Hanna-Barbera: Comic book artwork 1978-1979. - Affiliated to Editorial Art Syndicate/Sangor Shop 1944-1948.
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