Paul Halas

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Paul Halas (1949, Woking)
Nationality United Kingdom
Education/training London International Film School 1969-1971
Animated films Storyman for various British and Dutch studios (e.g. Halas & Batchelor) 1970s (Doctor Snuggles etc.).
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations Gutenberghus/Egmont: Plots and/or scripts for several 100 Disney stories 1978 to date (mainly duck stories, but also many mouse stories). - Also many non-Disney comics in collaboration with e.g. artist Paul Cemmick (Bonzo, The Grapevine, Eekomouse).
Other information, comments Son of John Halas (1912-1995) and Joy Batchelor (1914-1991), who founded the leading British animation studio Halas and Batchelor Cartoon Films in 1940.
Ehapa Comic News

Source: Private photo by Thomas Schrøder

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