Paolo Ongaro

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Paolo Ongaro (, Mestre)
Nationality Italy
Comic-book, comic strips, illustrations Debut in 1964 as an inker for Vladimiro Missaglia. - Sansoni: Artwork for I quattro senza paura and Horror 1968-1970. - Bianconi: Artwork for US Army 1970-1971. - Universo: Artwork for Il Monello and Intrepido 1970-1976. - Cenisio: Artwork for Tarzan 1974-1975. - Fleetway: Artwork for war stories 1974-1975. - Mondadori: Artwork for detective and spy comics 1974-1977. - Artwork for L'Immortale 1977-1979 (published in Corrier Boy). - Larousse: Artwork for Histoire du Far West c. 1980. - EuraLancio: Artwork for Old America published in LancioStory 1981 (script by Andrea Mantelli). - Artwork for sports comics mid 1980s. - Mondadori/Disney Italia: Pencils for Donald Duck stories 1986 to date (inked by Sandro Zemolin).
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Source: Luca Boschi et al.: I Disney Italiani

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