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Country: Brazil
Publication: Almanaque do Tio Patinhas (1a. Série)
Publisher: Abril
Language: Brazilian Portuguese (unless noted otherwise)

Pages: 68

Index delivered by: AFJ


story cover-illustration gag Non-Disney and/or non-comics

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Story code Title Number of pages Creators Publications Characters, comments
BC ATP    9
Tio Patinhas
1 p.
Pencils: Euclides K. Miyaura Appearances: Uncle Scrooge
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B 870070
Urtigão, Tio Patinhas
Muitos Milhões E Pouco Dinheiro
8 p.
4 rows per page
Writing: Arthur Faria Jr. Pencils: Irineu Soares Rodrigues Ink: Moacir Torres Lettering: Lilian T. Mitsunaga Farias
Colours: Egídio Shizuo Toda
UT 10 Appearances: Donald Duck, Fethry Duck, Hard Haid Moe, Uncle Scrooge
US wants MOE's giant popcorn

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S 85249
Vovó Donalda, Tio Patinhas
A Ilha Dos Terremotos
10 p.
4 rows per page
MG 27 Appearances: Grandma Duck, Huey Dewey and Louie, Peg-Leg Pete, Uncle Scrooge

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S 85141
Tio Patinhas
A Melhor Energia
7 p.
4 rows per page
TP 256 Appearances: Gyro Gearloose, Uncle Scrooge
Energy-maker shoes

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S 84122
Tio Patinhas
Despedite Aguda
9 p.
4 rows per page
Writing: Bob Langhans Pencils: Tony Strobl Ink: Steve Steere PD 1767 Appearances: Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge

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B 820055
Maga Patalójika
O Feitiço Quaquaquá!
9 p.
4 rows per page
Writing: Ivan Saidenberg Pencils: Verci de Mello PTT 16, AVD 44, MGD 2 Appearances: Magica De Spell, Miss Quackfaster, Samson Hex, Uncle Scrooge
MDS uses Samson Hex's laughing gas on US

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S 85236
Vovó Donalda
Um Tesouro No Sítio
9 p.
4 rows per page
Pencils: Tony Strobl MG 24 Appearances: Billy Goat, Grandma Duck, Uncle Scrooge
Treasure map on GD's farm.
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D  7272
Tio Patinhas
O Eleito
8 p.
3 rows per page
Plot: Patsy Trench Script: Tom Anderson Pencils: Beatriz Bolster MK 405* Appearances: Pig mayor, Donald Duck, Huey Dewey and Louie, Uncle Scrooge
Election for city's finances job

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YD 91-08-19
Pato Donald
1/2 p.
4 rows per page
Art: Larry Knighton Appearances: Donald Duck, Gladstone Gander, Uncle Scrooge
DD's turn to pay the lunch
Printed code: KFS(DD 8-19-91)
Colophon page
Changes: Vertical layout
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