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Country: Brazil
Publication: Mickey
Publisher: Abril
Language: Brazilian Portuguese (unless noted otherwise)

Pages: 68
Price: NCr$ 0,40
Attached: Trading cards + album

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story cover-illustration gag Non-Disney and/or non-comics

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Story code Title Number of pages Creators Publications Characters, comments
BC MK  178
O Tesouro De Umba-Lumba
1 p.
Pencils: Jorge Kato (?) Appearances: Mickey Mouse, Spooks
Bodyguard gorilla saves MM from leopard men
Refers to: W WDC 313-07P (cover)
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W WDC 313-07P
O Tesouro De Umba-Lumba
40 p.
4 rows per page
Art: Paul Murry AD 99 Appearances: Captain Nathaniel Churchmouse (as Cap. Miquelino), Chief O'Hara, Dangerous Dan McBoo (1st), Goofy, Idgit the Midget (1st), Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Spooks, Uncle Scrooge (in thought balloon)
Treasure of Oomba Loomba; Jungle adventure, looking for treasure following a gorilla
Refers to: YM 033 (retold)
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W WDC 159-01
Pato Donald
Como Se Faz Um Despejo
6 3/4 p.
4 rows per page, 3 panels per row
Writing: Carl Barks Art: Carl Barks PD 147*, DE 27, DER 23, TP 428, OMD 28 Appearances: Wispy Willie, Donald Duck, Huey Dewey and Louie, Uncle Scrooge
US uses swamp gas monster to make DD sell his house
Changes: Layout remounted
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YD 45-10-25
Assim É Melhor
1/4 p.
4 rows per page
Writing: Bob Karp Pencils: Al Taliaferro Ink: George Waiss PD 147* Appearances: Donald Duck
plays tuba upside down
Changes: panel missing

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W OS  858-04
Nem Cara Nem Coroa
4 p.
4 rows per page
Pencils: Tony Strobl Ink: Steve Steere PD 358 Appearances: Clarabelle Cow, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck
Baseball or flowers
Changes: Baseball redrawn as Soccer(last panel)
Subseries: Daisy's diary
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S 66168
Maga Patalójika, Madame Min
Maldade Cheia De Bondade
8 p.
4 rows per page
Pencils: Jim Fletcher Ink: Ellis Eringer Appearances: Ed and Al, Mad Madam Mim, Magica De Spell, The Beagle Boys (1)
Bad deeds turn into good ones
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ZM 57-08-25
O Sótão Das Relíquias
1 p.
4 rows per page
Writing: Bill Walsh Art: Manuel Gonzales Appearances: Mickey Mouse, Morty and Ferdie (1)
Cleaning out the attic
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