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Country: Brazil
Publication: Zé Carioca
Publisher: Abril
Language: Brazilian Portuguese (unless noted otherwise)

Pages: 32
Price: Cr$ 2,00

Real number of issues = 396

Index delivered by: AFJ


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Story code Title Number of pages Creators Publications Characters, comments
BC ZC 1269
1 p.
Appearances: Fethry Duck
Umbrella-shaped tree
Refers to: D 1397 (remake)
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B 75113
Zé Carioca
Com Mil Coelhos!
7 p.
4 rows per page
Writing: Júlio de Andrade Pencils: Renato Vinicius Canini DE 76, DER 72, ZC 2358* Appearances: Dentinho and Dentão (trained rabbits), Elmo the rabbit trainer, Nestor, José Carioca
Taking care of lots of rabbits
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S 72229
Huguinho Zezinho e Luisinho
Que Briga!
1 p.
4 rows per page
Pencils: Tony Strobl Appearances: Donald Duck, Huey Dewey and Louie
On a fight, HDL's adversaries counted just to five
Printed code: S 2229

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B 75205
Mancha Negra
O Fugitivo
5 p.
4 rows per page
Writing: Júlio de Andrade Pencils: Roberto O. Fukue (?) DE 65, DER 61, AD 371, DB 15 Appearances: The Phantom Blot
PB tries to recover stolen money bag from river
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B 75195
Donald e Peninha
O Monstro Das Trevas
5 p.
4 rows per page
Writing: Júlio de Andrade Pencils: Carlos Edgard Herrero Appearances: Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Fethry Duck
Scared with each other after watching horror movie
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W WDC 416-05
Mickey e Pateta
O Indicador De Petróleo
8 p.
4 rows per page
Art: Paul Murry DB 7 Appearances: Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse
Aliens give oil-finding powers to GO's finger
Printed code: W/WDC 416

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