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Country: Denmark
Publication: Anders And & Co.
Publisher: Egmont Serieforlaget A/S
Language: Danish (unless noted otherwise)

Pages: 36
Price: DKK 1.60
Size: B5

Index delivered by: MO, ORN


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Story code Title Number of pages Creators Publications Characters, comments
DC AA1968-31
Mickey og Fedtmule
Den flyvende kvægtyv
1 p.
Art: Bodil Dargis Appearances: Goofy, Mickey Mouse
Flies in cow skin
Refers to: W WDC 320-02P (cover)
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S 67075
Anders And
Et mønster-hotel
6 p.
4 rows per page
Writing: Dick Kinney Pencils: Jack Bradbury Ink: Ellis Eringer Appearances: Donald Duck, Tabby, Uncle Scrooge
Bad motel

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W WDC  96-17P
Lille Tut
8 p.
4 rows per page
part 1
Art: Harvey Eisenberg AA1950-07+, JU1950-07+, DKA1950-1+ Appearances: Harbor patrol boats from Little Toot (unnamed) (2), Sammy Seagull (as fatter Måge), Big Toot (as Store Tut), Little Toot (as Lille Tut)
Boat crashes with the skyscrapers

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W CND  12-04
Chip og Chap
6 p.
4 rows per page
Art: Jack Bradbury Appearances: Mrs. Duck, Mrs. Pigeon, Mrs. Stork from W CND 12-04, Mrs. Turkey, Mrs. Woodpecker, Brer Owl, Chip, Dale
Searching for foundling's mother bird

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W DD  108-01
Anders And
1 p.
4 rows per page
Pencils: Tony Strobl Ink: John Liggera AA1971-25 Appearances: Donald Duck
Pouring in water softener before diving

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W WDC 320-02P
Mickey Mouse
Den flyvende kvægtyv
10 p.
4 rows per page
part 1
Art: Paul Murry Appearances: Butch the cattle thief, Chirper the bird, Dr. Hornby (college dean), Eli Moose (crop-duster), Professor Orville Twitter, Sheriff Dilly, Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Peg-Leg Pete, Scuttle
Giant black cattle-stealer bird

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