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Country: France
Publication: Albums Mickey
Publisher: Hachette
Language: French (unless noted otherwise)

Title: Mickey boxeur
Date: 1932

Index delivered by: FWi, GGg


story cover-illustration gag Non-Disney and/or non-comics

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FC AH    4
Mickey boxeur
1 p.
Art: Alek Stonkus (?) Appearances: Creamo Catnera, Mickey Mouse
MM and Catnera on the ring.
Refers to: YM 006 (cover)
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Pg. 3a
YM 004B
(The Picnic)
3 1/3 p.
3 rows per page
part 2
Writing: Floyd Gottfredson Pencils: Floyd Gottfredson Ink: Earl Duvall Appearances: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Tiny
MM and MI to a pic nic with an enormous dog; MI's dog causes MM to jump out of his car; MI's dog chases a rabbit; Chicken on MM's pic nic
Changes: Strips YM 31-01-05, YM 31-01-06, YM 31-01-07, YM 31-01-08, YM 31-01-09, YM 31-01-12, YM 31-01-13, YM 31-01-14, YM 31-01-16, YM 31-01-17 only. Missing panel(s)
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Pg. 6b
YM 005
(Mickey Mouse Vs. Kat Nipp)
10 1/3 p.
3 rows per page
Writing: Floyd Gottfredson Pencils: Earl Duvall (the rest), Floyd Gottfredson (31-01-19 to 31-02-07; 31-02-14 to 31-02-21) Ink: Earl Duvall PP 31-02-28+, IM 2 Appearances: Baker's boy, Catnip bootlegger, Martin Muskrat, Barnacle Bill, Kat Nipp (1st), Mickey Mouse
MM against a cat rival in a contest to tie knots in each other's tails
pp. 6b-16b
Changes: strips/panels removed
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Pg. 16c
YM 006
Mickey boxeur
16 1/3 p.
3 rows per page
Writing: Floyd Gottfredson Pencils: Earl Duvall (31-02-26 to 31-02-28), Floyd Gottfredson Ink: Al Taliaferro, Earl Duvall (31-02-26 to 31-02-28) PP 31-04-01+, IM 2 Appearances: Bennie Bust, Creamo Catnera's brother, Daily Explosion reporters team, Pig referee, Butch, Creamo Catnera (as Laurent-Houtant) (1st), Horace Horsecollar, Marcus Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Mrs. Mouse, Ruffhouse Rat (1st)
MM trains MI's cousin Ruffhouse for the boxing match, but must fight in his place when Ruffhouse chickens out
Changes: strips/panels removed
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