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Country: France
Publication: Le petit Parisien
Publisher: Hachette (?)
Language: French (unless noted otherwise)

Price: 25 centimes


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YM 005
Mickey Mouse
Nouvelle victoire
1/4 p.
1 row per page
part 20
Writing: Floyd Gottfredson Pencils: Earl Duvall (the rest), Floyd Gottfredson (31-01-19 to 31-02-07; 31-02-14 to 31-02-21) Ink: Earl Duvall PP 31-02-28+, AH 4*, IM 2 Appearances: Baker's boy, Catnip bootlegger, Martin Muskrat, Barnacle Bill, Kat Nipp (1st), Mickey Mouse
MM against a cat rival in a contest to tie knots in each other's tails
YM 31-02-10
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