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Country: Italy
Publication: Topolino (libretto)
Publisher: Mondadori
Language: Italian (unless noted otherwise)

Pages: 164
Price: 1300 Lit.
Reprinted in: Raccolta Topolino (libretto) 30

Index delivered by: PCa


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Story code Title Number of pages Creators Publications Characters, comments
IC TL 1582
Nati per vivere 1986 l'anno dell'orso
1 p.
Art: Marco Rota, photographs RTL 30, CTS 107 Appearances: Donald Duck
Shooting pictures to a bear
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I TL 1582-A
Paperino e il flauto magico
27 p.
3 rows per page
Writing: Alessandro Bencivenni Art: Massimo De Vita RTL 30, GCD 58, TD 8, LGP 58, SMIT 17, VNT 1, CLA 10, GCD 300, CLA2 10 Appearances: Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Gyro Gearloose, Huey Dewey and Louie, Magica De Spell, Ratface, Uncle Scrooge
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S 83103
Pippo e l'ozio contagioso
12 p.
3 rows per page
Writing: Ed Nofziger Pencils: Jaime Diaz Studio RTL 30 Appearances: Clarabelle Cow, Goofy, Horace Horsecollar, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse
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S 79040
I Tre Porcellini e il lupo "rapace"
12 p.
3 rows per page
Writing: Jack Bradbury Art: Jaime Diaz Studio RTL 30 Appearances: Fiddler Pig, Fifer Pig, Li'l Bad Wolf, Practical Pig, The Big Bad Wolf
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S 83150
Paperino e il sonno "capovolto"
14 p.
3 rows per page
Writing: Jim Fanning Pencils: Tony Strobl Ink: Steve Steere RTL 30 Appearances: Donald Duck, Grandma Duck, Huey Dewey and Louie
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I TL 1582-B
Topolino e gli invasori preistorici
31 p.
3 rows per page
Writing: Giorgio Pezzin Pencils: Romano Scarpa Ink: Sandro Del Conte RGCD 16, RTL 30, GCD 63, TA 19, TD 13, SPD 22, TD 37, GSD 40 Appearances: Marlin, Zapotec, Goofy, Mickey Mouse
Subseries: Italian time machine stories
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