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Country: Italy
Publication: Paperinik New Adventures
Publisher: Disney Italia
Language: Italian (unless noted otherwise)

Title: Sotto un nuovo sole
Pages: 84
Price: 4000 Lit.
Equivalent of: Stålanden på nye eventyr 2000-03 (Denmark), Taikaviitta 2000 / Taikaviitta 2000-03 (Finland), Fantonald 2000-03 (Norway), Stål-Kalle 2000-03 (Sweden)

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2 p.
Art: Manuela Razzi, Max Monteduro MG 517, PK 76, UPK 17, DSDA 72, CPK 15, PKA 19 Appearances: Xadhoom, Xado
Xado crying
Refers to: I PKNA 37-1 (cover)
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I PKNA 37-1
Sotto un nuovo sole
62 p.
irregular layout
part 3
Writing: Alessandro Sisti Art: Corrado Mastantuono PKBIG 2, UPK 17, CPK 15 Appearances: Evroniani, Imperatore, Xadhoom, Xari, Duck Avenger
Printed code: I-PKNA-37
Xadhoom Trilogy - Episode IIII
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I PKNA 37-2
Fuori... onda: La notizia è servita
8 p.
irregular layout
Writing: Diego Fasano Art: Paolo Mottura Colours: Paolo Mottura
UPK 8, CPK 15 Appearances: Dan Woodstein, Mike Morrighan
Printed code: I-PKNA-FO-37
Subseries: Fuori... onda
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