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Country: Italy
Publication: Topolino (libretto)
Publisher: Mondadori, Disney Italia, Panini Comics
Language: Italian (unless noted otherwise)

Pages: 196
Price: 2300 Lit.
Attached: a ruler
Reprinted in: Raccolta Topolino (libretto) 110

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Story code Title Number of pages Creators Publications Characters, comments
IC TL 1921
Settembre Topolino ti sorprende
1 p.
RTL 110, TSD 13, CTS 113 Appearances: Huey Dewey and Louie, Webby
bearing the giveaway ruler
Subseries: Ducktales
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I TL 1918-AP
Paperin Pestello e la via delle Indie
21 p.
2 rows per page
part 4
Writing: Giulio Chierchini, Sandra Verda Art: Giulio Chierchini Colours: Moreno Chistè
RTL 109+, TL 1918+, PD 41+ Appearances: Brigitta MacBridge, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Gus Goose, Gyro Gearloose, The Beagle Boys, Uncle Scrooge
Printed code: I TL 1921-A
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I TL 1921-B
Tip e Tap e lo scoop giornalistico
30 p.
3 rows per page
Writing: Carlo Panaro Art: Comicup Studio RTL 110, CD 297 Appearances: Chief O'Hara, Mickey Mouse, Morty and Ferdie, Pluto
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B 760131
Paperoga virtuoso del violino
7 p.
3 rows per page
Writing: Júlio de Andrade Pencils: Carlos Edgard Herrero RTL 110 Appearances: Donald Duck, Fethry Duck, Tabby
FE playing violin puts DD in hypnotic trance
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I TL 1921-C
Paperino al servizio della regina
26 p.
3 rows per page
Writing: François Corteggiani Art: Emanuele Barison RPK 7, RTL 110, PK 62, VDF 2, DT 38, TLS2619, DBIG 46 Appearances: Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Grandpa Beagle, The Beagle Boys
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I TL 1921-D
Nonna Papera e i racconti attorno al fuoco: la leggenda del lago d'argento
42 p.
3 rows per page
Writing: Nino Russo Art: Alessandro Perina RPM 23, RTL 110, PM 213, PL 5, TSD 13 Appearances: Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Grandma Duck, Gus Goose, Huey Dewey and Louie, Quackmore, Uncle Scrooge
Subseries: Nonna Papera e i racconti attorno al fuoco
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