Country: Norway
Publication: Minihefter
Language: Norwegian (bokmål) (unless noted otherwise)

Title: Snipp & Snapp - Den prikkete dragen
Date: 2004
Pages: 20
Price: 19.50
Size: A6
Equivalent of: Mini Comic CD (Denmark)

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1 p.
Appearances: Chip, Dale
Dale writes on a piece of paper
Refers to: IPS 99D336 (cover, made from panel)
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IPS 99D336
Snipp og Snapp
Den prikkete dragen
16 p.
irregular layout
Writing: Bruno Concina Art: Maria Grazia Galliani Translation: Nina Svendsrud
Appearances: Chi-Chi, Chip, Dale
frightened by his own tales
Changes: Children's version with text
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