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Country: USA
Publication: Walt Disney's Comics and Stories
Publisher: Boom
Language: English (unless noted otherwise)

Price: $2.99
Collecting Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 699A

1st BOOM issue

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1 p.
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I TL 2726-2P
26 p.
3 rows per page
part 1
Writing: Alessandro Ferrari, Giorgio Salati, Riccardo Secchi Art: Antonello Dalena, Emilio Urbano, Ettore Gula, Manuela Razzi, Roberta Migheli, Stefano Turconi Translation: Saida Temofonte
Lettering: Deron Bennett
Colours: Erika Terriquez
WDC 699A+, WDC 699C+, DHST 1+, DHST 2* Appearances: Inquinator, Spectrus, Zafire, Duck Avenger, Eega Beeva, Emil Eagle, Gladstone Gander, Gus Goose, John D. Rockerduck, Mickey Mouse, Peg-Leg Pete, Red Bat, Super Daisy, Super Goof, The Beagle Boys, The Phantom Blot, Uncle Scrooge
Subseries: Ultraheroes
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Qus/MM  296AA
A bold new era
2/3 p.
Text: Aaron Sparrow MM 296A, MM 296B, MM 296C, MM 296D, WDC 699A, WDC 699C, US 384C, US 384D, US 384B, US 384A, MPP 2B, MPP 2A, CRSP 3A, CRSP 3B, US 384E add a scan
Qus/MM  296AB
Q & A with artist of the month - Allen Gladfelter
1/3 p.
Text: Allen Gladfelter MM 296C, MM 296D, MM 296A, MM 296B, WDC 699A, WDC 699C, US 384C, US 384D, US 384B, US 384A, MPP 2B, MPP 2A, CRSP 3A, CRSP 3B, US 384E add a scan

1 p.
Art: David Petersen FNRR 3A, FNRR 3B, MPP 1A, WDC 699C, WDC 699A, US 384A, US 384B, US 384C, US 384D, MLAF 4A, MLAF 4B, DD 347B, DD 347A, CRSP 3A, CRSP 3B, US 385C, US 385A, US 385B, DD 348C, DD 348A, DD 348B, CRSP 4A, CRSP 4B, US 384E, DD 349B, DD 349A, DD 349C, CARO 1D, CARO 0B, CARO 0C, CARO 0A, MPPH 1, MPPP 1 Appearances: Bean Bunny, Janice, Kermit, Scooter
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1 p.
Art: Allen Gladfelter CRSP 1A, MPP 1C, MPP 1B, MPP 1A, MM 296D, MM 296B, MM 296A, MM 296C, WDC 699C, WDC 699A, MPP 2A, MPP 2B, DD 347B, DD 347A, MM 297B, MM 297A, MM 297C, MPP 3B, MPP 3C, MPP 3A, US 385B, US 385A, US 385C, MM 298A, MM 298B, MM 298C, MM 299B, MM 299C, MM 299A, WDC 702A, WDC 702B, WDC 702C, MPP 4A, MPP 4B, CTRT 2 Appearances: Sheriff from Cars, Doc Hudson, Fillmore, Flo, Guido, Lightning McQueen, Lizzie, Luigi, Mater, Ramone, Red, Sally Carrera, Sarge
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