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There are 5326 official characters in Inducks (3063 of them are one-time characters, 2263 appear in several stories)

  ANACOZECA Associacao NAcional dos CObradores do ZÉ CArioca (something like "National Association of Jose Carioca's Debt Collectors"). In the first stories there were no fixed characters, but after some time they were reduced to four recurrent birdbeaks almost look-alike: Arlindo (tall), Asdrúbal (tall), Arnaldo (short) and Tadeu (short). There were also a mysterious leader, who after some time has been revealed to be Rocha Vaz, Rosinha's father who dislikes JOC. In recent stories, the aforementioned four ANACOZECA members still appear sporadically with no leadership. (Carioca)
  Abby Mallard Abby Mallard; a duck with big teeth (Chicken Little)
  Abdomah (Mice)
  Abel Konnery Kay K's father (Double Duck)
  Abena Abena; Friendly sasabonsam who cooperates with the TNT organization (Ducks)
  Abigail Abigail; Parceiro's rich mother (Disney Teens)
  Abigail and Amelia Abigail and Amelia; the geese; their last name is Gabble (Aristocats)
  Abigail from MED (Minnie and Daisy)
  Abis Mal Abis Mal; Leader of a pack of thieves (Aladdin)
  Abu Abu; ALA's monkey companion (Aladdin)
  Acacio Many cameo appearances in Brazilian stories. Actually a recurring in-joke on Brazilian inker Acácio Ramos (Carioca, Ducks)
  Acciuga mariner friend of the ducks (Ducks)
  Admiral Grimitz Admiral Grimitz; DD's Navy commander (Ducktales)
  Adonis Adonis; pompous prince, classmate of teen Herc from the Prometheus Academy (Hercules)
  Afonsinho Brazilian, duck, Jose Carioca's naive friend (Carioca)
  Agenore Uncle Jeremy's parrot (Mice)
  Agent Berry Agent of the agency (Double Duck)
  Agent Black Big eagle-looking agent of the agency who likes liquorice (Double Duck)
  Agent Schamel (Mice)
  Agent Sjoemel (Mice)
  Agente Bigode Recurring BLONK agent in some Brazilian stories. He usually wears a checkered raincoat and hat and a big moustache (his name means "Agent Moustache"). His look seems to be inspired by similar BLONK agents drawn by Al Hubbard in S 68116, where many of them are seen in a train. (Ducks)
  Agnes Agnes; GO's female lion (Mice)
  Akela Akela; Wolves' leader (Jungle Book)
  Al Cootest Al Cootest; a gangster (Clarabelle Reporter)
  Al McWhiggin Al McWhiggin; Toy collector and owner of Al's Toy Barn (Toy Story)
  Al Popone partner of Pete (Mice)
  Aladar Aladar; The Iguanodon orphan, who is brought up by the lemurs (Dinosaur movie)
  Aladdin Aladdin; Arabian thief who finds a magic lamp (Aladdin)
  Aladdin narrator (Aladdin)
  Alameda Slim Alameda Slim; cattle rustler (Home on the Range)
  Alan Bradley Alan Bradley; Bespectacled programmer who wrote the Tron program; dates Lora (Tron)
  Alan-A-Dale Alan-A-Dale; story teller (Robin Hood)
  Alazao-de-pau Pena Kid's wooden toy horse originated in the dailies Fethry created for Scrooge's newspaper (Ducks)
  Albemarle Mouse Albemarle Mouse; MM's great-grandfather (Mice)
  Albert Albert; Boy from Scamp newspaper stories, son of Jim Dear and Darling (Scamp)
  Albert Owl Dutch; class mate of HDL (Duckies)
  Alberto Scrooge's first butler (throughout the whole sixties) (Ducks)
  Alborn Elyon's adoptive father (W.I.T.C.H.)
  Alcaide Alcaide; The mayor of the Pueblo of Los Angeles (Zorro)
  Alcmene Alcmene; human foster mother of Herc (Hercules)
  Alejandro Alejandro; Don Alejandro de la Vega, the rich Californian landowner and father of Don Diego/Zorro (Zorro)
  Alexander Alexander the cat; Doc Static's cat (Mice)
  Alexander McDuck US's ancestor who borrowed money from GU's ancestor and never paid him back (Ducks)
  Alf Alf; big fat, yellow-feathered goosefaced TNT agent who's incredibly strong (Ducks)
  Alfabeta One of a couple of alien invaders, a white little floating cloud with arms and eyes. (See also Gamadelta) (Carioca, Ducks)
  Alfred Alfred Goupil, Brer Fox's son in French stories (French Wolf)
  Alfredo McEsposito MM's porter (Anderville)
  Alice from YD LVD's date and fellow member of the Absentminded Dating Club (Ducks)
  Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland; (Alice in Wonderland)
  Alice's sister Alice's elder sister (Alice in Wonderland)
  Alicia Jensen Dance Academy stories (W.I.T.C.H.)
  Alien thieves Couple of four-legged alien thieves, their home planet's currency is the apple pie (Carioca, Ducks)
  Aliens Aliens from Toy Story; 3 car toys, hanging in the rearview mirror (Toy Story)
  Alienígenas Transmorfos Brazilian creation, a group of shape-shifting aliens who resemble big silkworms, visiting Earth from time to time; always with dishonest, clumsy plans. Their leader is a grumpy sovereign called "King B-A-H" and the other aliens have also 3-letter names like "Z-Y-K" (Carioca, Ducks, Mice)
  Alma Grackle Old woman who loves jazz and sunbathing, owns a dog named Dempsey and lives in Miss Typefast's apartment building (Ducks)
  Althor bearded member of the Council (W.I.T.C.H.)
  Alvin Alvin; Pal of Morty in the MM dailies, not to confuse with the JW one (Mice)
  Alvin Alvin from the Junior Woodchucks; from JW, not to confuse with the Gottfredson one (Ducks)
  Alvin's mother Alvin's mother (Mice)
  Amanda Bolland secretary of Susan Vandom (W.I.T.C.H.)
  Amanda Fox Daisy Duck's oldest friend (Ducks)
  Amazona Solitaria Lonely Amazon, Firmina's secret identity (Ducks, Mice)
  Ambrose Ambrose; The Robber Kitten (misc)
  Ammonia Pine A former cleaning lady who is now a cleaning-obsessed villain (Darkwing Duck)
  Amos Amos from Ben and Me; Mouse who came up with many ideas usually attributed to Benjamin Franklin (misc)
  Amos P. Zoup Amos P. Zoup; Owner of coat shop in ZM 008 (Mice)
  Amos Sapiens member of Il Custodi del Mistero (Mice)
  Amos Slade Amos Slade; Hunter; gruff owner of Copper (The Fox and the Hound)
  Amphitryon Amphitryon; human foster father of Herc (Hercules)
  Anacardo Mitraglia nephew of Anacleto Mitraglia, classmate of HDL (Ducks)
  Anacleto Mitraglia both the Chierchini and Carpi interpretations of DD's neighbour (Ducks)
  Anastasia and Drizella Anastasia and Drizella; Cinderella's stepsisters (Cinderella)
  Anchor Anchor; a hammerhead shark in Bruce's abstinence group (Finding Nemo)
  Andold Wild Duck Mac Paperin; Andold Wild Duck, Donald's Caledonian ancestor (Ducks)
  Andrew Hornby boy turned into a frog (W.I.T.C.H.)
  Andy Andy; the kid that owns all toys (Toy Story)
  Andy Ascott a photoreporter (Ducks)
  Angela Angela; Goliath and Demona's gargoyle daughter, last addition to the team (Gargoyles)
  Angelito Miraflores (Ducks)
  Angus Fangus journalist (PKNA)
  Angus McDuck Angus McDuck; "Pothole" McDuck, Scrooge's uncle, first mentioned in W US 11-01 (Ducks)
  Animal Animal the muppet; Savage drummer in Dr Teeth's band (The Muppet Show)
  Anita Anita from 101 Dalmatians; Wife of Roger (101 Dalmatians)
  Anita from W.I.T.C.H. friend of Eric Lyndon (W.I.T.C.H.)
  Anna Bannister Mrs. Lair, Irma's adoptive mother (W.I.T.C.H.)
  Anna from Frozen (Frozen)
  Annabel Dutch; red-haired girl; class mate of HDL, also named "Isabelle" (Duckies)
  Annabelle Mink (Mice)
  Annette Funicello Annette Funicello; One of the (real!) girls of the MM Club (Mickey Mouse Club)
  Annie Annie from SC; show dog (Scamp)
  Annie Sue Annie Sue; Young innocent female pig; Miss Piggy's rival (The Muppet Show)
  Annie and Fannie Annie and Fannie; Molly Cottontail's nieces (Forest)
  Ant king Ant king; King of the Ant tribe (Bucky Bug)
  Ant tribe Ant tribe; Tribe of warlike warrior ants (Bucky Bug)
  Antea fairy who is envious of TB (Fairies)
  Anton Ego Anton Ego; Feared food critic. Refuses to swallow anything that does not match up to his expectations (Ratatouille)
  Ants from SC an ant colony often seen marching somewhere (Scamp)
  Anymore Boring Ducklair's executive (PKNA)
  Ape from George of the Jungle (George of the Jungle)
  Ape from YM 115 Eega Beeva's ape friend who was used in university experiments and became an intellectual (Mice)
  April May and June April May and June; Daisy's nieces (Duckies, Ducks)
  Aquatta Andrina Arista Adella Alana and Attina Ariel's sisters; (The Little Mermaid)
  Archie the spider Morgana McCawber's pet spider (Darkwing Duck)
  Archimede gallettino (Paperino Paperotto)
  Archimedes Archimedes the owl; Merlin's owl (The Sword in the Stone)
  Argus McSwine Barks' pig villain; The pig villain, carrying different names in different Barks stories. Since the 1990s named Argus McSwine (Ducks)
  Ari Former farmer (W.I.T.C.H.)
  Arie Dutch; fox; class mate of HDL (Duckies)
  Ariel Ariel; the little mermaid (Disney's Kirara Purinsesu, Princess, The Little Mermaid)
  Arizona Goof Indiana Pipps; (Mice)
  Armadillo Armadillo; Nefarious' student, the pigface one (Sleuth)
  Arpin Lusene Arpin Lusene; French master-thief in Rosa stories (Ducks)
  Arrow Boy Quiverwing Quack's sidekick. Honker Muddlefoot's superhero identity (Darkwing Duck)
  Arrow from Treasure Planet Captain Amelia's disciplined, stone-skinned First Mate (Treasure Planet)
  Arte Deco Arte Deco; Toucan sidekick of Gusto (Gummi Bears)
  Arxon Xerbian Commander (PKNA)
  Ask'ton (Kylion)
  Astronauta(s) de Tucania Brazilian, Invading alien toucans from a planet named Tucania. (2 stories) (Ducks, Mice)
  Atila Brazilian, Rocha Vaz's ferocious (for Jose Carioca) dog (Carioca)
  Atomo Bleep-Bleep Atomino Bip-Bip; atom (Mice)
  Audrey Audrey the chicken; (Home on the Range)
  Audrey Rocio Ramirez Audrey; Audrey Rocio Ramirez, mechanic (Atlantis)
  August Plume August Plume; Smug and condescending know-it-all sceptic of paranormal phenomena (Ducks)
  Aunt Eider Aunt Eider; Weird character... aunt of both Scrooge and Rockerduck (Ducks)
  Aunt Matilda Aunt Matilda; MI's cow-girl aunt / from Gottfredson ZM 014 (Mice)
  Aunt Millicent Aunt Millicent; Minnie's aunt from W WDC 386-05 (Mice)
  Aunt Minerva Aunt Minerva; MI's scaring aunt (Mice)
  Aunt Sarah Aunt Sarah; owner of Si and Am (Scamp)
  Aunt Terrible Aunt Terrible; LW's aunt in S-coded stories (Forest)
  Aunt Tessie Aunt Tessie; GO's aunt Tessie (Mice)
  Aunt Topolinda MM's aunt (Mice)
  Auntie Beagle Auntie Beagle; BB's aunt in two 1-page stories (Ducks)
  Automaton X Automaton X; Tough giant robot from outer space, seeking source of metal with which to build duplicates of himself (Ducks)
  Avvocato criminal, nemesis of Scrooge and natural rival for the BB (Ducks)
  Avvocato Headstrong Lawyer (Mice)
  Awfultonians The Citizens of Plain Awful from the Barks' Square Eggs story (Ducks)
  Axel Akuseru; Member #8 of the XIII Kikan (Kingudamu Hatsu)
  Aydis Lady Paperina; English name Aydis, the girlfriend of Andold/Mac Paperin (Ducks)
  Azimuth Azimuth Van Quack, wicked squire (Bay stories)
  Azinuth from PKNA leader of the guardians of the galaxy (PKNA)
  Azure Blue pretended descendant of "Olaf the Blue" in Barks' Golden-Helmet-story (Ducks)
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