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Unknown people, as well as people who did not write or draw Disney comics (like translators, animators) are only listed when you sort by given name.
They are marked with an *. There is less certainty that their names are correct.

Aasnes, HåkonNorway1943 writing, art, inking
Aastrup, Astrup (alias of Maya Åstrup)Denmark1976 writing, translations
Abedy, LucasNetherlands art, inking, colouring
Abel, HenrikDenmark writing
Abella Bresco, MarçalSpain1960 writing, art, inking
Abranz, FredUSA1909-1992 art, inking
Abrignani, FrancescoItaly inking
Adams, ArthurUSA art, inking
Adams, GregUSA1958 inking
Adams, KellogUSA1928-1979 inking
Adams, NealUSA1941 art, inking
Adler-Olsen, Jussi (alias of Jussi Olsen)Denmark1950 writing
Adrian (alias of Adrian Sørensen)Denmark1929 writing, art, inking
Affonso the unknown creatorBrazil writing
Agrati, FrancescaItaly writing
Aguiar, LuizBrazil writing
Ahern, Brian DouglasUSA art, inking
Ahlquist, SteveUSA writing
Aiken, KeithUSA inking
Akin, Huck writing
Akin, IanUSA1959 inking
Al Batraoi, Adel (alias of عادل البطراوي (Adel Al Batraoi))Egypt1942 writing, art, inking
Al-Teihamy, Mohammed (alias of محمدالتهامي (Mohammed Al-Teihamy))Egypt art, inking
Alberghetti, SabrinaCanada art, inking
Albers, HenkNetherlands1927-1987 writing, art, inking
Albini, MassimoItaly1956 art, inking
Albrecht, JeffUSA1957 art, inking
Alden, PaulUSA writing
Alencar, MarceloBrazil writing, translations
Alferez Canos (alias of Pedro Alférez Canos)Spain art
Alférez Canos, PedroSpain art
Alfonso, JordiSpain1976 art, inking
Alger, BillUSA art, inking, colouring
Allan, ChrisUSA art
Allen, C.USA art
Allernaes, Allernas (alias of Birger Allernäs)Sweden1912-1983 art, inking
Allernäs, BirgerSweden1912-1983 art, inking
Allora, PhilUSA writing, art, inking
Allouche, SylvieFrance writing
Alvarado, Paulo art
Alvarado, PeteUSA1920-2003 writing, art, inking
Alvarez, DaveUSA art, inking
Alvarez, David (alias of Dave Alvarez)USA art, inking
AmadeoSpain art
Amâncio, Aluir (alias of Aluir Amancio)Brazil writing, art, inking
Amano, Shiro (alias of 天野シロ)Japan1976 writing, art, inking
Amash, JimUSA1960 art, inking
Amato, FiladelfoItaly writing
Ambrosio, StefanoItaly writing, lettering
Amendola, MaurizioItaly1949 writing, art, inking
Amerikaner, Susan writing
Amler, K. writing
Andersen, FlemmingDenmark1968 writing, art, inking
Andersen, Flemming KunnerupDenmark writing
Andersen, Lasse BoDenmark1964 writing
Andersen, Rasmus NyboDenmark art
Andersen, Thomas (alias of Thomas Schrøder)Denmark1973 writing, translations, indexing
Anderson, BillUSA1963 inking
Anderson, TomUSA1930 writing
Andersson, TommySweden art, inking
Andrea Castellan (alias of Casty)Italy1967 writing, art, inking, colouring, indexing
AndrésSpain art
Andres (alias of Andrés)Spain art
Andreu, MeritxellSpain art
Andric, MarkoGermany writing
Angel (alias of Angel Rodriguez)Spain1969 art, inking
Angus, DaveUnited Kingdom1947 writing
Anmar, Frank (alias of William F. Nolan)USA1928 writing
Annweiler, KimDenmark1946 writing
Anselmo, JoãoBrazil art, inking, lettering
Ansolabehere, Joel (alias of Joe Ansolabehere)USA writing
Antellini, MartaItaly writing
Antonio Secondo (alias of Massimo Marconi)Italy1945 writing
Antrobus, JohnUnited Kingdom1933 writing
Anzi, RinoItaly art, inking
ap Glyn, IforUnited Kingdom writing
Apeldoorn, GerNetherlands writing
Aragao (alias of Marcelo Aragão)Brazil writing
Aragão, MarceloBrazil writing
Aragones, Sergio writing, art, inking
Arámbula, RománMexico1936 art, inking
Arambula, Roman (alias of Román Arámbula)Mexico1936 art, inking
Aranda, OmarArgentina art, inking
Aravena, Bernardo art, inking
Arbore, RenzoItaly1937 writing
Archer, RexUnited Kingdom art, inking
Arcon, FernandoBrazil art
Arcuri, VincenzoItaly1966 art, inking
Aré (alias of Alexandre Ruyer)France writing
Arena, LelloItaly writing
Arens, MikeUSA1915-1976 art, inking
Armstrong, RogerUSA1917-2007 writing, art, inking
ArnettUSA writing
Arr, Don (alias of Don Christensen)USA1916-2006 writing, art, inking
Arrighini, GajaItaly writing
Arrigon, Madeleine (alias of Magdeleine du Genestoux)France1874-1942 writing
Artibani, ElenaItaly writing
Artibani, FrancescoItaly writing, art, inking
Artibani, LeonardoItaly writing
Artz, TimNetherlands writing, art, inking
Asaro, MassimoItaly writing, art, inking
Ashton, BradUnited Kingdom writing
Åsnes, Haakon, Hakon (alias of Håkon Aasnes)Norway1943 writing, art, inking
Asteriti, FrancoItaly1929 writing
Asteriti, SergioItaly1930 writing, art, inking, colouring
Astori, AntonellaItaly writing
Åstrup, MayaDenmark1976 writing, translations
Asuka, Jun (alias of 明日賀じゅん (Jun Asuka))Japan???? writing, art, inking
Attardi, StefanoItaly writing, art, inking, colouring
Attila, SezaiTurkey writing
Auerbach, Annie writing
Augie (alias of August Lenox)USA1908-1986 writing, art, inking
Augusto, WagnerBrazil art
Aurelio S. Sales Aragao (alias of Marco Aurélio S. Sales Aragão)Brazil inking
Aurélio S. Sales Aragão, MarcoBrazil inking
Austen, ChuckUSA art
Austin, Adam (alias of Gene Colan)USA1926 art
Autelitano, AlbertoItaly writing
Avalone Rocha, CarlosBrazil1954 art, inking
Avenell, DonneUnited Kingdom1925-1997 writing
Avilés, JoséSpain art
Aviles, Jose (alias of José Avilés)Spain art
Avon Oeming, MichaelUSA art, inking
Axen, Soeren, Soren, Søren (alias of Sören Axén)Sweden writing
Axén, SörenSweden writing

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