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The Dream Of A Lifetime

The Dream of a Lifetime!

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Story code: D 2002-033
Origin: Denmark
Title: The Dream Of A Lifetime
Hero(es): Uncle Scrooge
Pages: 26
Layout: 4 rows per page
Appearances: Bombie, Donald Duck, Downy O'Drake, Fergus McDuck, Frank and Jesse James, Glittering Goldie, Gyro Gearloose, Gyro's Helper, Hortense, Hortense McDuck, Huey Dewey and Louie, Ratchet Gearloose, The Beagle Boys, The Dalton Boys, Uncle Scrooge [show character portraits]
Writing: Don Rosa
Art: Don Rosa
Date of first publication: 2002
Date the story was created:

Refers to
  dream: D 91308 (The Last of the Clan McDuck storyboard scripts (second draft)), D 91411 (The Master of the Mississippi storyboard scripts), D 92008 (The Buckaroo of the Badlands storyboard scripts (second draft)), D 92314 (Dreamtime Duck Of The Never Never), D 93288 (The Empire-Builder from Calisota), D 95044 (Hearts of the Yukon), D 96089 (The Vigilante of Pizen Bluff)
Referred to in
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  article: Qfi/AA2003-09A, Qfi/ALP 12I, Qfi/T2009KKE, Qfi/T2009KKFF, Qfi/T2011PKG, Qfr/JP 2-4, Qgr/KX 196, Qit/DPCS 14K, Qit/DPCS 37P, Qit/DPCS 46K, Qit/ZP 171E, Qit/ZP 172B, Qit/ZP 174A, Qnl/HLVOD 2D, Qno/DD2002B49, Qno/DRSV 9C, Qno/DRSV 9D, Qno/DRSV 9E, Qus/LTSMG 2I
  various: GC HD 141B (illustration), DC AA2002B49 (cover; part of first panel), Qgr/KX 169CA (Επιστροφή στο παρελθόν) (sketches of panels 23.5,23.6,23.7,23.8 & 23.9)

The story includes a recap page.

This story is rated 7.9/10 and ranked 41/31372 according to COA users. There have been about 180 votes for this story.

en   An epilogue of sorts to the “The Life and Times” series, this tale takes Scrooge on a whirlwind tour of his life via his dreams—with the Beagle Boys hot on his heels! A stolen Gyro Gearloose invention allows those larcenous Beagle Boys entry into Scrooge's dreams, where they hope to pilfer the combinations to his vault doors. Desperate to rescue him, Gyro and the boys send Donald in after the Beagles, fighting his way across his uncle’s dreamscape to save his sanity. The Beagles expect Scrooge to be dreaming about wallowing in his money. To their dismay, his dreams are about all the magnificent adventures he underwent to get that rich, and even four of them can’t tackle the King of the Klondike, the Master of the Mississippi, the Vigilante of Pizen Bluff—Scrooge McDuck in his prime. As the old duck dreams of his youth, Donald is reunited with his long lost mother, Hortense, when she was a child. This story is included in the "Life and Times" collection because in those dreams Donald and the Beagles encounter the young Scrooge we saw throughout the original “Life and Times” episodes and in the chapters added later. (by 12...237, history)
en   The BB enter US' dreams through a GY invention in an attempt to get the combination code for US's safe door. DD is sent in to get the BB out and thereby save US' money.
fi   Karhukopla on ryöstänyt Pelleltä laitteen jolla he pääsevät toisten uniin, ja aikovat käyttää sitä Roopeen saadakseen häneltä selviksi kassaholvin lukon yhdistelmän. Mutta juuri sinä yönä kun karhukopla ryhtyy miehittämään Roopen unia, näkeekiin Roope rahojensa sijasta unta nuoruus ajoistaan. (by Amoxx, history)
fr   Les Rapetou utilisent une machine volée à Géo pour pénétrer dans les rêves de Picsou et lui faire avouer la combinaison de son coffre, mais Géo s'est libéré et est allé chercher Donald et ses neveux pour éviter un grave danger (by duckstories, history)
de   BB dringen in US's Träume ein, um ihm die Tresornummer abzuluchsen. (by DonHergeFan, history)
it   Con un apparecchio rubato ad Archimede, la Banda Bassotti entra nei sogni di Paperon de' Paperoni, allo scopo di estorcergli la combinazione della sua cassaforte. Paperino va all'inseguimento dei malviventi, nel tentativo di scacciarli dalla mente dello zio, che in realtà di notte rivive le sue avventure più memorabili. (by Quackmore83, history)
pt   Quem disse que o Tio Patinhas só pensa em dinheiro? Os Metralhas entram no sonho dele e Tio Patinhas sonha com várias coisas, menos dinheiro! Donald e Professor Pardal conseguem tirar um a um os Metralhas do sonho do Tio Patinhas! (by Cacou, history)
sv   Björnligan tar sig in i Joakims drömmar med en av Oppfinnar-Jockes uppfinningar. (by SweDuck, history)
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