Uncle Scrooge
A Letter From Home

The Old Castle's Other Secret or A Letter From Home

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Story code: D 2003-081
Origin: Denmark
Title: A Letter From Home
Hero(es): Uncle Scrooge
Pages: 36
Layout: 4 rows per page
Appearances: Angus McDuck (flashback), Della Duck (flashback), Donald Duck, Downy O'Drake (flashback), Fergus McDuck (flashback), Hortense McDuck (flashback), Huey Dewey and Louie, Matilda McDuck, Monsieur Mattressface, Monsieur Molay, Quackmore Duck (flashback), Theodore Roosevelt (flashback), Uncle Scrooge [show character portraits]
Writing: Don Rosa
Art: Don Rosa
Date of first publication:

Refers to
  sequel: D 2001-024 (The Crown Of The Crusader Kings), W OS 189-02 (The Old Castle's Secret)
  various: W US 10-02 (The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone) (Philosopher's Stone)
Referred to in
  cover: D 19208, D 24947, IC ZP 181
  article: Qfi/AA2004-09A, Qfi/AA2004-10A, Qfi/AA2004-11A, Qfi/T2009KKE, Qfi/T2011PKF, Qfi/T2011PKH, Qgr/KX 230A, Qit/DPCS 10A, Qit/DPCS 10C, Qit/DPCS 40I, Qit/UACK 4E, Qit/ZP 181B, Qit/ZP 193A, Qnl/HLVOD 2E, Qno/DD2004-18C, Qno/DRSV 9G, Qno/DRSV 9H, Qno/HOF 1B, Qus/US 342A

a.k.a. "The Old Castle's OTHER Secret" (DR had two working titles)
Logo on page 4; first three pages are prologue
This story includes two recap pages.

This story is rated 8/10 and ranked 20/31395 according to COA users. There have been about 275 votes for this story.

en   Scrooge and the nephews go back to McDuck Castle after the Knights Templar's secret... and Scrooge finds something better - closure. (history)
fi   Roope, Aku ja veljenpojat saapuvat Ankkapurhan linnaan ja etsivät Temppeliherrojen suurta aarretta (by 212...39, history)
fr   Picsou emmène Donald et ses neveux au château des McPicsou en Écosse où il espère trouver le trésor des templiers, mais il découvre que la gardienne qu'il a embauchée n'est pas une inconnue, tandis que d'autres personnes s'intéressent au trésor. (by groco, history)
de   Suche nach Templerschatz auf Duckenburgh
el   Ο Σκρουτζ και τα ανιψιά του πηγαίνουν στον Πύργο των Μακ Ντακ προκειμένου να βρουν έναν ακομα μεγάλο θησαυρό, όμως τελικά ανακαλύπτουν κάτι πολυ καλύτερο (by figolfin, history)
it   Zio Paperone, accompagnato dai nipoti, torna al castello dei suoi antenati per cercare il tesoro dei Templari.
Grazie a un incontro con una persona che lui aveva cacciato dalla sua vita, Paperone fa il bilancio del proprio passato e si riconcilia (anche idealmente) con la propria famiglia. Questa storia dimostra la maturità di Don Rosa, che riesce a trattare in un fumetto Disney argomenti "forti": si parla di morte, del rapporto difficile tra Paperone e i suoi familiari, e persino di religione. (by spe, history)
pl   Sknerus powraca do zamku McKwaczów w poszukiwaniu skarbu templariuszy i... znajduje go! Niestety trafia też na współczesnego przywódce templariuszy i swoją siostrę Matyldę... Czeka go niezwykła przygoda!
pt   tio patinhas parte pro seu velho castelo escocês para achar o tesouro dos templarios. (by darkwolfgreen, history)
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