Paolino Paperino inviato speciale

Special Correspondent

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Story code: I PG   19-A
Origin: Italy
Title: Paolino Paperino inviato speciale
Pages: 30
Layout: 4 rows per page
Appearances: Donald Duck, Peter Pig, The Cat [show character portraits]
Writing: Federico Pedrocchi
Art: Federico Pedrocchi
Date of first publication:

Referred to in
  article: Qfi/AAPA2004B, Qgr/KX 134C, Qit/DSTO 57E, Qit/EC 36A, Qit/FUM 4-69A, Qit/IDI 1R, Qit/PM 207c, Qit/ZP 187A, Qit/ZP 215B
  article;panels: Qit/EC 36B, Qit/IDI 1C
  various: IC AOA 38021 (cover)

Bartolomeo Circonlocuzioni è più comunemente noto come "il Gatto"
una tavola per numero, dal numero 19 al numero 48 di "Paperino" giornale

This story is rated 7.4/10 and ranked 1074/31372 according to COA users. There have been about 15 votes for this story.

en   Donald Duck and Peter Pig are newspaper journalists in a country at war. (by 84...178, history)
fi   Aku palkataan sotakuvaajaksi. Tehtävänä on ottaa kuva sotajohtajasta, jossa ei ole ennen onnistuttu.
Aku joutuu sodan keskelle ja on monesti loppu on lähellä. (by hjhh, history)
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Italy, PG 19
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Italy, PG 19
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