Somewhere in Nowhere

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Story code: I TES   3-1
Origin: Italy
Title: Somewhere in Nowhere
Pages: 28
Layout: 4 rows per page
Appearances: Argus McSwine, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge [show character portraits]
Plot: Carl Barks, John Lustig
Script: John Lustig
Art: Pat Block
Date of first publication:
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Referred to in
  cover: IC ZP 138, IC ZP 138B, XUC DDUS 1
  article: Qdk/CBSV 30N, Qfi/AA2010-11A, Qfi/ALP 5K, Qfi/ALP 6I, Qgr/KX 186A, Qgr/KX 272B, Qgr/KX 272D, Qit/DPCS 37O, Qit/DPCS 44A, Qit/DPCS 47B, Qit/DPCS 47H, Qit/UACK 2G, Qit/ZP 145l, Qus/DDUS 1A, Qus/DDUS 1B
  illustration: CB PEN 57, CB PEN 58
  sketch: Qus/DDUS 1D, Qus/DDUS 1E
  various: D 2008-364 (Somewhere Beyond Nowhere) (remake), Qus/DDUS 1C (synopsis)

soggetto scritto da Carl Barks nel 1997, rimaneggiato e sceneggiato da John Lustig

This story is rated 7.5/10 and ranked 659/31372 according to COA users. There have been about 20 votes for this story.

en   DD have job as controller of every dust of Duckburg. He gets enough and he asks US about exciting job. Then they passed bet - if DD make US's new branch office in Bearflanks in Alaska, he will get decent work and money, else... In Bearflanks every companies is owned by Argus McSwine. But one post company didn't, where DD is hired as postman with sled dogs and must to deliver special delivery, or else McSwine will buy post office (by Mrozik, history)
it   titolo italiano: Paperino da qualche parte in mezzo al nulla
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