Paperino e il capro di Acatapulco

Taking the Plunge

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Story code: I TL  348-A
Origin: Italy
Title: Paperino e il capro di Acatapulco
Pages: 29
Layout: 3 rows per page
Appearances: Donald Duck, The Beagle Boys, Uncle Scrooge [show character portraits]
Plot: Abramo Barosso
Script: Giampaolo Barosso
Pencils: Romano Scarpa
Ink: Rodolfo Cimino
Date of first publication:
Referred to in
  article: Qit/CCD 38B, Qit/GSD 7I

in CWD 29 e CD 91 (ma non in GCD 122 né in GCD 225) l'ultima vignetta è sostituita da una di G. Perego

This story is rated 7.4/10 and ranked 860/31372 according to COA users. There have been about 35 votes for this story.

en   Scrooge owns a restaurant in a Mexican resort, and hires a local guy (Pedro Mendoza) to dive from a steep cliff as an Acapulco-style attraction. The guy misteriously disappears, and the obvious (?) substitute is poor Donald, who is not enthusiastic at all about the idea. As a "motivator", enter Gedeone the goat, who "gently" pushes DD from the cliff top. Gedeone also sees that Donald cannot escape from his hotel room until the next day's performance, during which Donald disappears, too. It turns out that both Mendoza and Donald have been kidnapped by the Beagle Boys, who want to use their diving abilities to recuperate a sunken treasure in a nearby cliff. Gedeone, who has become fond of Donald, saves the day - and also punishes Uncle Scrooge for his greed, when he doesn't want to share the treasure with Donald and Mendoza. (by Cacou, history)
fr   Donald se retrouve à "Acatapulco", non pour des vacances, mais pour effectuer le célèbre et périlleux plongeon de la mort. Et cela, dans le but de faire revenir la clientèle du restaurant de Picsou situé face à la falaise. Avec l'aide de la mignonne chèvre Cornedure, il devra affronter les Rapetous venus chercher un trésor. (by pomier, history)
de   DD springt vor einem Hotel von US die Klippen herunter ins Meer, um Gäste anzulocken. Dabei hilft ihm ein wütender Ziegenbock nach. Dann allerdings tauchen die Panzerknacker auf, die schon DD's Vorgänger entführt haben. (by Sir Damian McDuck, history)
it   Paperino viene obbligato da Paperone a tuffarsi da una rupe per allietare gli avventori del suo ristorante: quale incentivo Paperone utilizza le corna di un robusto caprone. (by Joe Acchiappa, history)
it   Paperino attrazione turistica
no   Skrue får Donald til å stupe fra en høy klippe etter at den forrige (profesjonelle) stuperen forsvant. B-gjengen, som bortførte den forrige stuperen, bortfører også Donald. (by Paddekaka, history)
pl   Sknerus zatrudnia Donalda do bardzo nietypowego zajęcia - kaczor ma codziennie skakać z ogromnej wysokości do morza i to wszystko na oczach klientów restauracji McKwacza. Po jednym, zabójczym skoku, kaczor zostaje jednak porwany... (by tolio, history)
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