Donald Duck


Story code: QMS 1941-001
Title: Timber
Hero(es): Donald Duck
Layout: movie
Appearances: Donald Duck, Peg-Leg Pete
Date of first publication:
Referred to in
    adaptation: Timber (W GH 4103-01), Timber (W WDC 5-16)
    article: Topolino tra film e fumetti (Qit/CAT 2G), Topolino e il boscaiolo (Qit/CAT 5E), I colpacci di Gambadilegno (Qit/CTS 20G), La storia: Paperino "conducente" di tronchi (Qit/DPCS 26N), Paperino conducente di tronchi (Qit/DPCS 26O), Paperino e il rivale in prestito (Qit/DPCS 35A), Gambadilegno boscaiolo (Qit/DSTO 14H), Carl Barks fra schermo e fumetti (Qit/ZP 213C), Timber (Qno/CBTF 1BQ)

    Text: Carl Barks, Jack Hannah
    Directed by: Jack King

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Donald steals Pete's supper, so Pete puts him to work as a lumberjack to work for his food; a job that Donald does not exactly relish.

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