Donald Duck
Early to Bed

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Story code: QMS 1941-010
Title: Early to Bed
Hero(es): Donald Duck
Layout: movie
Date of first publication:
Referred to in
    article: Υπνος μετ' εμποδίων (Qgr/MM 2315B), Le storie: Paperino e la lotta dei rumori/Zio Paperone - Una tazza un po'... speciale/Zio Paperone - Sempre nel posto giusto (Qit/DPCS 10D), Carl Barks fra schermo e fumetti (Qit/ZP 213C), Early To Bed (Qno/CBTF 1BR)
    idea: Topolino e la notte a Val Dormigliona (I TL 2842-1)
    poster: Early to Bed (PMS 1941-010A)
    snapshots: Qgr/MM 2315BA

    Text: Carl Barks, Jack Hannah
    Directed by: Jack King

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The annoyingly loud ticking of an alarm clock is all it takes to keep Donald up for most of the night.

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