Donald Duck
A Christmas For Shacktown

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Story code: W OS  367-02
Origin: US comic books
Title: A Christmas For Shacktown
Hero(es): Donald Duck
Pages: 32
Layout: 4 rows per page
Appearances: Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Gladstone Gander, Huey Dewey and Louie, Jake McDuck (1st;photo only), The Junior Woodchucks, Uncle Scrooge [show character portraits]
Writing: Carl Barks
Art: Carl Barks
Date of first publication:
Date the story was created:
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Referred to in
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This story is rated 8.5/10 and ranked 5/31372 according to COA users. There have been about 220 votes for this story.

en   The nephews raise money for Christmas for the needy children of Shacktown
fr   Riri Fifi et Loulou sont tellement tristes pour les enfants de Pauvreville que Daisy décide de leur organiser un Noël avec son club, mais il manque encore cinquante dollars dont vingt-cinq que Picsou n'accepte de donner pour des dindes que si Donald trouve l'argent restant pour le petit train promis aux enfants (by duckstories, history)
de   Die Neffen sammeln emsig für ein Weihnachtsfest der Kinder aus Kummersdorf. (by kbr, history)
pl   Siostrzeńcy, Donald i Daisy zbierają pieniądze na święta dla biednych dzieci z Shacktown (by spe, history)
pt   História sensacional que recebeu até uma mençao de Don Rosa
onde Donald e Sobrinhos fazem de tudo para arrecadar dinheiro para o natal das crianças carentes! mas com uma confusão Patinhas fica sem todo o seu dinheiro! (by Geovane Altair, history)
es   HDL se conmueven al ver la realidad de Villa Miseria en víspera de navidad, junto a DD y DA intentarán llevar la navidad a ese triste lugar (by jean, history)
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