Uncle Scrooge
The Mines of King Solomon

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Story code: W US   19-02
Origin: US comic books
Title: The Mines of King Solomon
Hero(es): Uncle Scrooge
Pages: 27
Layout: 4 rows per page
Appearances: Donald Duck, Huey Dewey and Louie, Uncle Scrooge [show character portraits]
Writing: Carl Barks
Art: Carl Barks
Date of first publication:
Date the story was created:
External link: Carl Barks guidebook

Referred to in
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This story is rated 8.2/10 and ranked 87/28514 according to COA users. There have been about 55 votes for this story.

en   Around the world to check his companies: his glass factory in Sweden tells him that there is no more good sand, and US travels to Arabia to find more. Then he finds King Solomon's mines; it's the Call of the Wild - duck-style! (by spe, history)
en   Around the world to check his companies, US finds King Solomon's mines
fr   Picsou emmène Donald et ses neveux dans un grand voyage pour inspecter ses nombreuses possessions, alors que Riri Fifi et Loulou s'entraînent à reproduire les cris d'animaux (by duckstories, history)
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