Uncle Scrooge
The Money Champ

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Story code: W US   27-01
Origin: US comic books
Title: The Money Champ
Hero(es): Uncle Scrooge
Pages: 22
Layout: 4 rows per page
Appearances: Owl judge, Donald Duck, Flintheart Glomgold, Huey Dewey and Louie, Uncle Scrooge [show character portraits]
Writing: Carl Barks
Art: Carl Barks
Date of first publication:
Date the story was created:
External link: Carl Barks guidebook

Referred to in
  cover: ARC LICU 27, GC KA 51, HC BV 118, HC OD 27, IC AR 520, W WDCD 22-00A
  article: Qdk/CBSV 15D, Qdk/GB 15, Qit/CTS 12L, Qit/DPCS 12A, Qit/DPCS 12C, Qit/DPCS 19A, Qit/DPCS 19C, Qit/GSD 8H, Qit/GSD 16G, Qit/TD 9O, Qit/ZP 10A
  illustration: ARC US 300A, D 22800, FC PM 342D, IC BIG 3AF
  various: Qfr/PM 342j (unknown), GC BOD 7 (panel), D/D 2005-035 (Scrooge vs. Scrooge) (Star of the World mine)

This story is rated 8.3/10 and ranked 42/28514 according to COA users. There have been about 85 votes for this story.

en   Money pile competition, shrinking formula
fi   Kulta-Into-Pii haastaa Roope-sedän otteluun rikkauden maailman mestaruudesta - kumpikin muuttaa koko omaisuutensa kolikoiksi ja sitten mitataan kumman kasa on kookkaampi!
fr   Alors qu'il est heureux d'être le champion des milliardaires, Picsou se voit lancer un nouveau défi par Gripsou qui est à présent certain d'être le plus riche (by duckstories, history)
no   Skrue og Gulbrand veksler alle pengene sine inn i sølvmynter og stabler dem opp i to enorme hauger for og se hvem som er rikest. (by Mikkel Hagen, history)
pt   Tio Patinhas reencontra Pão-Duro Mac Môney, que afirma ser o pato mais rico do mundo e desafia o rival a uma disputa: medir toda sua fortuna numa pilha de moedas para ver, em metros quem é o mais rico. Mas, por causa da desonestidade, Mac Mônei acaba se dando mal! (by 201...233, history)
sv   Joakim von Anka och Guld-Ivar Flinthjärta tävlar om vems som har större pengahög. (by Musse Pigg, history)
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