Uncle Scrooge
Mythtic Mystery

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Story code: W US   34-01
Origin: US comic books
Title: Mythtic Mystery
Hero(es): Uncle Scrooge
Pages: 14
Layout: 4 rows per page
Appearances: Donald Duck, Huey Dewey and Louie, Uncle Scrooge [show character portraits]
Writing: Carl Barks
Art: Carl Barks
Date of first publication:
Date the story was created:
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Referred to in
  cover: IC ZP 133, IC ZP 133B, W US 82-00
  article: Qde/TGDD 139, Qdk/CBSV 22C, Qdk/CBSV 22G, Qfi/ALP 9B, Qfi/CBK 8B, Qfr/9EA 9p22, Qgr/KX 228C, Qit/CTS 8D, Qit/CTS 13J, Qit/DPCS 1C, Qit/DPCS 23M, Qit/DPCS 23N, Qit/DT 60C, Qit/GSD 18G, Qit/TSD 1E, Qno/DD1993B04, Qno/DD1997B02, Qse/GB 12
  illustration: ARC US 300A, ARC US 300B, D 22796, D 22799, Qno/KVAKK05-06D
  various: Qno/DD2012B28A (panel)

This story is rated 7.7/10 and ranked 731/28552 according to COA users. There have been about 30 votes for this story.

en   here's trouble of heroic proportion!
fr   Un phénomène étrange obscurcit le ciel de Donaldville et se rapproche, créant des tempêtes, et un astronome apprend à Picsou qu'il s'agirait d'une petite planète, ce qui l'inquiète et le pousse à grimper avec Donald et ses neveux en haut d'une haute montagne pour observer cela de plus près (by duckstories, history)
it   Una tempesta trascina Paperone e i nipoti su un piccolo pianeta che si sta avvicinando sempre più alla Terra. Gli abitanti sembrano divinità nordiche e romane ma in realtà sono semplici terresti risucchiati, come loro, migliaia di anni prima. (by Alle, history)
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