Mickey Mouse
The Vanishing Railroad

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Story code: W WDC 185-08P
Origin: US comic books
Title: The Vanishing Railroad
Hero(es): Mickey Mouse
Pages: 23 1/2
Layout: 4 rows per page
Appearances: Clinker Brothers, Constable from W WDC 185-08P, Gruggers the chauffeur, J. J. Boomer, Mr. J. Waldo Wallow, Goofy, Mickey Mouse [show character portraits]
Writing: Carl Fallberg
Art: Paul Murry
Date of first publication: 1956

Refers to W WDC 173-10P (Ridin' the Rails) (same railroad)
Referred to in
  cover: BC MK 98, HC MM1982-02, IC AO 56037
  article: Qfi/ALP 29C, Qit/DAO 9C

This story contains the following items:
W WDC 185-08 The Vanishing Railroad (part 1, first published 1956-02, writing: Carl Fallberg art: Paul Murry, appearances (incomplete) Goofy, Mickey Mouse)
W WDC 186-10 idem (part 2, first published 1956-03, writing: Carl Fallberg art: Paul Murry, appearances (incomplete) Goofy, Mickey Mouse)
W WDC 187-09 idem (part 3, first published 1956-04, writing: Carl Fallberg art: Paul Murry, appearances (incomplete) Goofy, Mickey Mouse).

This story is rated 7.8/10 and ranked 474/28514 according to COA users. There have been about 35 votes for this story.

da   MM og F er lokomotivfører og fyrbøder på en gammel bjergbane, som ejes af Godberg. Togentusiasten hr. Krøsus vil gerne have fat i de gamle tog og vogne, og skyr ingen midler for at få det (by les03, history)
fi   Mikki ja Hessu liikennöivät vanhalla höryveturilla syrjäisellä radalla
de   Micky und Goofy arbeiten als Lokomotivführer auf der Lok "Penelope". Der Chauffeur eines reichen Barons hat jedoch vor, den Zug zu stehlen! Zunächst verschwindet nur ein Güterwaggon, aber das soll nur der Anfang sein! (by Bertelchen, history)
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USA, WDC 185
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USA, WDC 185
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