Donald Duck
Log Jockey

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Story code: W WDC 267-02
Origin: US comic books
Title: Log Jockey
Hero(es): Donald Duck
Pages: 10
Layout: 4 rows per page
Appearances: Black Pierre, Donald Duck, Huey Dewey and Louie, Red Eye and his brother, Whitewater Duck [show character portraits]
Writing: Carl Barks
Art: Carl Barks
Date of first publication:
Date the story was created:
External link: Carl Barks guidebook

Referred to in
  cover: HC BV 84, W WDC 267-00B
  article: Qit/CTS 15J, Qit/CTS 17G, Qit/DPCS 21N, Qit/DPCS 26N, Qit/DPCS 26O, Qit/DPCS 33K, Qit/DPCS 35A, Qit/DSTO 42B, Qit/ZP 213C
  various: B RJC 039 (Troncos E Galhos Familiares) (remake)

This story is rated 7.6/10 and ranked 1517/28514 according to COA users. There have been about 15 votes for this story.

en   Donald's deep-woods cousin gets him in deep trouble!
fi   korpimaisemiin serkkuaan tapaamaan matkannut Aku saakin veljenpoikineen lähteä sukulaisensa puolesta uittamaan tämän tukkikuormaa pitkin erämaajokea, mutta kuormasta hupenee pölli poikineen ennen sahalle saapumista
fr   Donald emmène ses neveux dans la forêt car il s'est rendu compte de l'existence d'un cousin éloigné, mais ils le découvrent en train de se battre avec quelqu'un à propos de rondins et de la rivière (by duckstories, history)
it   Cugino Chiarafonte. (by Macpaperon, history)
no   Donald overtar som tømmerfløter for sin fetter
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