Just Like Magic

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Story code: XN HOJ 2010-001
Origin: Norway
Title: Just Like Magic
Hero(es): Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Pages: 7
Layout: 3 rows per page
Appearances: Homer, J. P. Whiskers, Toby Bear, Ortensia, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit [show character portraits]
Writing: David Gerstein
Art: Mark Kausler
Date of first publication:

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en   Disguised Oswald and Toby sneak into J. P. Whiskers' Xmas dinner party by impersonating a man they think is the head waiter. But the "waiter" was really a hired magician, so Oswald is forced to put on a magic show—with a genuine, very powerful magic hat!
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Norway, WJ2011
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Norway, WJ2011
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