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Admiral Grimitz DD's Navy commander
Bubba Duck Little duck of stone age
Cinnamon Teal Female spy who uses hypnosis as her weapon
Doofus Fat friend of HDL wearing glasses and admirer of Launchpad
DuckTales Original name: Duck Tales;
Duckworth Scrooge's Butler
Fenton Crackshell Scrooge's assistant; alter-ego of Gizmoduck
Flintheart Glomgold Scrooge's rival
Gandra Dee Fenton's girlfriend
Gene the genie A genie from "Treasure of the Lost Lamp" who can grant wishes. He is turned into a real boy at the end of the movie
Gizmoduck Armored superduck with one wheel and secret identity of Fenton Crackshell
Gyro Gearloose
Huey Dewey and Louie Donald Duck's nephews. Listed as Junior Woodchucks when they wear JW caps
Itzy Bitzy the flea
Launchpad McQuack Bad landing pilot for US in Ducktales and Darkwing in Darkwing Duck
Ma Beagle BB fat mother from the DT serial
Magica De Spell
Mama Crackshell Fenton's TV-addict mother
Merlock An evil sorcerer who was obsessed with retrieving Gene the genie's lamp
Miss Quackfaster Scrooge's employee, in DuckTales named Mrs. Featherby
Mr. Poe Raven, Magica's brother, transformed by a magic spell
Mrs. Beakley Nanny
The Beagle Boys Worldwide look alike criminal association, often adversaries for US
Tootsie Bubba's pet triceratops
Uncle Scrooge DD's rich uncle
Webby Webbigail Vanderquack
Webra Walters Dognose TV News reporter

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