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Stories: HC DD2016-40S, HC DE2016-11, HC DE2016-11K (other recently indexed comics). Issues: Bulgaria: Мики Маус 1998-02, 2002-23, 40, 41. Chile: Tío Rico 53. China: 终极米迷口袋书 83. Finland: Aku Ankka 2016-39. Netherlands: Donald Duck 2016-40; Donald Duck Extra 2016-11; Donald Duck Pocket (3e reeks) 253; Troskompas 2016-39 (other recently indexed comics).

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6 scans, 8 story descriptions, 12 character scans (Li'l Bad Wolf, The Big Bad Wolf, Fiddler Pig, Fifer Pig, Brer Fox, Brer Bear, Practical Pig, Brer Rabbit, Chip, Dale, Hairy Harry, Chanchada), creators: Tony Strobl (list).
Scans thanks to MiguelMadeira, stan: JM 655 (fr), HD 8-09 (pt).