Chronological list of indexed comics

December 3, 2016
FranceWinnie lecture 44
NorwayDonalds Litteraturhistorie 6

December 2, 2016
GreeceΜίκυ Μάους Β΄ Περίοδος 129
ItalyPiù Disney 69
NorwayDonald Duck & Co 2016-49; Donalds Litteraturhistorie 5
PortugalHiper Disney 8-01
SerbiaМики Маус 2016-12

December 1, 2016
China迪士尼米老鼠漫画典藏集 3, 4
MexicoClásicos del cine 59, 98, 236
NorwayDonalds Litteraturhistorie 4
SpainDumbo 1ª (ERSA) P 1

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This list only includes completely indexed comics that were added after July 17, 2005.

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