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Stories: IC IDI 1GCHD (other recently indexed comics). Issues: Colombia: Tío Rico 39. Denmark: Anders And & Co. 2017B01. Indonesia: Donal Bebek 1538, 1566, 1567, 1568, 1569, 1835, 1836, 1837. USA: Mickey Mouse Album (IDW) 2 (other recently indexed comics).

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43 scans, 4 story descriptions, 15 character scans (Donald Duck, The Beagle Boys, Huey Dewey and Louie, Uncle Scrooge, Jones, Don Diego de la Vega, Bernardo, Garcia, Zorro, Alejandro, Commandante, Sr. Silva from B 72040, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Peg-Leg Pete).
Scans thanks to EEGA, stan, Victor: ATP 7, 8, MKEX 4 (br), BIG 9, CSU 7 (it), BPGK 1 (us).