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Stories: I PM 436-1, IC CALE 5, IC CALE 6, IC GCDN 9, IC PBST 29, IC PKG 24, IC PM 435, IC PM 436 (other recently indexed comics). Issues: China: 终极米迷口袋书 85, 111. Denmark: Anders And & Co. 2016-42; Jumbobog 445. France: Le Journal de Mickey (Suppléments) 3357-58. Italy: Capolavori della Letteratura 5, 6; I Grandi Classici Disney (Seconda Serie) 9; Le più belle storie Disney 29; Paperino Mese 435, 436; PK Giant 3K Edition 24; Pocket Love - L'amore in tasca 64; Tesori Disney International 4. Yugoslavia: Plavi vjesnik 232, 233 (other recently indexed comics).

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36 scans, 28 story descriptions, 39 character scans (Mary-Jane Ghigno, Pamela, Mamuk, Mister Dog, Brer Possum, Brer Coon, Brer Fox, Brer Rabbit, Brer Wolf, Brer Bear, Miss Mink, Doc Crane, Ellsworth, Gotrocks from JW 6-02, Taceso Mora, Clerkly, Afonsinho, Seu Manoel, Big Chief Pain In The Face, Squaw, Tony the masseur, Sheriff Trabucon, El Metralhón, Yollie and Ztanlee, Thumper's mother, Flower, Bambi's mother, Thumper, The Great Prince of the Forest, Friend Owl, Thumper's girlfriend, Faline, Bambi, Duke de la Puche, Goofy, Kid Stúrbio, Officer O'Malley, Titus Tightwad, Red Robins).
Scans thanks to, Anders And,, Kriton, Ramyen, Victor: AZC2 34, PD 377, 604, ZC 1275 (br), RS2016-01, 2 (fi), GX 165, MMB 122, MVD 17, NTB 28 (gr), CALE 5, 6, SCAR 1, TSI 4 (it).