Donald Duck

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Story code: GC HD  77B
Origin: Germany
Hero(es): Donald Duck
Pages: 1
Layout: illustration
Appearances: Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Huey Dewey and Louie [show character portraits]
Idea: Don Rosa
Art: Don Rosa
Date of first publication:
Subseries: Hey Daisy whatever happened to Scrooge
Referred to in Qno/DRSV 3ZE (article)

en   Donald, Daisy and the nephews on Scrooge's grave (by Cacou, history)
en   US has died; old DD, HDL and DA are mourning at the grave; Hey, Daisy? Whatever happened to Scrooge?; Donald, Daisy and the nephews on Scrooge's grave
da   Familien står ved Joakim von Ands grav (by ODa, history)
fr   Donald, Daisy, Riri, Fifi et Loulou se recueillant auprès de la tombe de Picsou. (by Gatchan, history)
pl   Donald, Daisy i Siostrzeńcy stoją przy grobie Sknerusa. Motto "Fortuna Favet Fortibus" znaczy Szczęście sprzyja silnym. (by Sir Dulcynian spod Kwamelot, history)
ru   Дональд,Дейзи,Билли,Вилли и Дилли на могиле у дядюшки Скруджа. (by Damacon, history)
sv   Kalle, Kajsa och Knattarna står och sörjer vid Joakims grav. (by spe, history)
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Germany, HD 77
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